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Song Of The Day: June 2016 by Tempest-Arts
Song Of The Day: June 2016
Song Of The Day has a new look.

Check out daily music on both Facebook and Tumblr, and any requests are appreciated and accepted.



Ember Dark Souls III Promo! by Tempest-Arts
Ember Dark Souls III Promo!
For Ash seeketh Embers. Embrace the fire with your very own Ember apparel.

Item Description:

"No Unkindled can ever truly claim the embers that burn within a champion’s bosom, which is precisely what makes their yearning for warmth so keen."


This shirt has been removed from Redbubble upon a DMCA notice from NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment America. 

I am considering fighting this as this is an original piece of art (transformative work), while legitimate trailer and game assets are being sold instead. Selective outrage much. 
Radiant Sword Hunter Badge Promo! by Tempest-Arts
Radiant Sword Hunter Badge Promo!
Journeying up to the top of the harrowing Cathedral Ward, up past the Old Hunters Workshop in an old trunk to find this long worn, but glorious badge. Retrieving such powerful arms such as Ludwig's Holy Blade, his powerful Rifle, and the streets cleansing Flamesprayer. Adorn this glorious artifact on your next shirt purchase or wall as you clean these foul streets.

Available on Redbubble!:

Radiant Sword Hunter Badge:…

Certified Radiant Sword Hunter Badge:…

Available in all shirts, bags, pillowcases, phone tablet and laptop cases, and posters. 

Powder Keg Hunter Badge Promo! by Tempest-Arts
Powder Keg Hunter Badge Promo!
Bloodborne Powder Keg Hunter Badge merchandise available up on Redbubble for all standard prices!

Certified Powder Keg Hunter Badge:

Powder Keg Hunter Badge:

Enjoy Hunters!
Jay the light (quickie draw) by Tempest-Arts
Jay the light (quickie draw)
A quick image I did for :iconrubylar: since she is going through a bit of a tough time right now. A bit of care always helps :3
Hey everyone, TempestArts here with a long needed update here on my DA page. 

So much to say here, and I'm going to do my best to try and condense it down to something palatable for most of you to read without taking like 20 minutes out of your day just reading about what I have done in maybe the last year I since made my last journal entry here. 

To start, I have finished my second year of college (yay!), and now onto my third year this September. And in this previous year I have made some advancements, though unfortunately it largely hasn't translated much here onto this page. Hopefully it will more in the next bit. Hopefully, anyways. But if it doesnt, I am almost always doing something, even if it is just for myself. But, onto more college things. This year I got a very heavy dose of inspiration for what I want to do after our 2nd year trip to the FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity) convention down in Toronto, Ontario to watch presentations from some of the most famous and influential people in the creative media industry. This included people like Stefan Sagmeister, James White, GMUNK, Yuko Shimizu and so many more other people that had a gold mine of intellectual wealth and inspiration to spread to all of their listeners there. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and I hope to visit again sometime in the future to further learn from these people. I will post links to some of the more influential peoples blogs here that really touched me pretty close. I hope that you can learn as well from these people as well. 
James White (Signalnoise)
Stefan Sagmeister
Yuko Shimizu

So outside of college I have had some interesting developments happening in my personal life. First off I would like to address that I apologize for the lack of at all...if ever. But yeah, I made a new years resolution that I would try to just upload more art, and in hopefully higher quality than in just volume like I used to do. Im currently in the works of making a pretty large poster for the group of friends that I traveled with to Bronycon last summer. And hopefully I can try and experiment with a bit more landscaping techniques with flat brushes rather than using texture brush packs and the like. So lots of smudging in that department. But yes, more art (hopefully) in the future. And in case any of you have forgotten, I have a Tumblr that I post my work on, along with here on Deviantart to try and reach a few more people. 
Tempest Arts Productions

Next, is that along with me producing personal artwork is that I am trying to land a job with a design company here in my city. So far I have had limited success with others in the city, but I think I have a pretty damn good shot at landing in with a locally owned company here, Lowerys, to be a full or part time graphic designer for the summer. And I have even been offered to work with them through the school year as well! I haven't got the job yet, but my interview went alright and I think I have a pretty good shot at actually getting this job here to help me through the summer at least. So yes, I am pretty excited right now about that. 

Fourth is something much more community oriented. So I would assume that most of you like music. Like it, maybe even love it? Well I have something that may be just...well, music to your ears! I have created on Facebook, Song Of The Day! where you can listen to my post (which is of course EVERY DAY) and also post and suggest yours for the next Song Of The Day. And of course, that doesn't stop you from just posting your own songs at your own will. You can follow the following link, or also find it through my own Facebook (Though really, you should just go to the songs. They are more interesting than me anyways :p). 
Song Of The Day!
My Facebook

And finally, I have to change my name here. And I will do that, hopefully soon when I actually feel like spending money on this site. Dunno, but in the meantime I'm still VinnieofSiftheads21 here. But, Tempest Arts will be an actual thing!

So, I hope this didnt take up too much of your day, whoever may be reading this. And I hope that all of you have a good day, and I will just keep on drawing. So I will be trying for uploads in the next bit and will try to be a bit more active around here. 

  • Listening to: Rainbow Road - nanobii
  • Reading: nothing ATM
  • Watching: LevelcapGaming
  • Playing: SMITE
  • Eating: meh
  • Drinking: meh


Kenton Estey
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Ahh, the simplicity that I wish for it to be. A graphics artist, animator, musician and apprecianist of music. Ideas are always floating within as a whisp of cloud under the moonlit sky as to soon be put to pen and paper with a signed off touch. Though the blood does fall as one wants their RAGE to hold true to its word. And for those that perish within the skies under the Reapers or the Alliance on the Battlefield. Though a heart is contained throughout and brought to new light under its various spectrum's.


I like making all sorts of art and am doing animations. I do RAGE requests (ALWAYS OPEN!) and can take other requests as well. Join me on PSN to play HAWX, HAWX2, Ace Combat Assault Horizon or Battlefield 3 with the rest of Reaper Two-Six. I am a fan of Lauren Faust's MLP;FiM and a brony. I love playing and listening to music.


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